Meet the Techs

eileen fullen.jpg


After working at Walmart for 5 years, Eileen joined The Prescription Center in 1997. She lives in Pittsfield with her husband, Joe, of 25 years and cat. Eileen enjoys quilting, reading, cross stitching and gardening during time off.


Jessica joined our Prescription Center team in January of 2007 at our Capital Pharmacy at Concord Hospital. She previously worked for the VNA child care center for 4 years. Jess lives in New Boston with her husband of one year and had their first child together in early 2011. She stays busy outside of work by attending sporting events with her family.

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Linda came to The Prescription Center in 2008 after working at a printing company and Target Pharmacy. Linda is an essential part of our Capital team. She lives in Concord and has two children and a grandchild. Linda is an avid reader and makes jewelry.


Maura joined our team again in September of 2010 after being a part of our Capital team a few years ago. Maura lives in Concord with her two children. She enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

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Megan joined The Prescription Center in December of 2005 after working as a Technician at Hannaford for 3 years. Megan is married to her husband, Paul and lives in Concord. They gave birth to their first child early in 2011. She enjoys learning how to cook different dishes and exploring the greater New England area on the weekends with her family.


Nancy joined The Prescription Center in July of 2006 at our Capital location at Concord Hospital. Before, she had been working as a Pharmacy Technician at Dartmouth Hitchcock for several years. Nancy lives in Penacook with her two cats. She enjoys reading and knitting on time off from the pharmacy.

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Patty started working at The Prescription Center in 2003 as one of our Pharmacy Technicians. She lives in Chichester with her boyfriend and two cats. Patty enjoys gardening and hiking when not at the pharmacy.


Sherry joined The Prescription Center family in 2005 after working in the pharmacy field for 25 years. She has one son and grandson and lives in Pembroke. Sherry enjoys riding motorcycles.

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Stacey came back to The Prescription Center in June of 2009 as the head of our Compounding Department. She is married and has two cats and a dog. Stacey enjoys cooking and staying active when not at work.

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