Independently owned and operated since 1951, The Prescription Center has been delivering exceptional service with a personal touch. At the Prescription Center, we are proud to employ knowledgeable and helpful pharmacists who are eager to support you and your family by offering the one-on-one attention and advice that makes the difference. The Prescription Center is a full-service pharmacy specializing in prescription services, custom compounding, medical supplies, natural pharmacy, and over the counter products, in addition to offering a series of health related seminars to improve the health and well-being of you and your family.

What’s New

Flu shots are now available.
It’s that time of year again and despite the shortage of flu vaccinations across the state, we have plenty. No appointments necessary. Call or stop by one of our locations today.  Flu shots are now available.

Introducing our Bedside Delivery Program.
Filling a prescription after a hospital stay can be a challenge, the Prescription Center can help. We can fill your prescriptions before you are discharged and deliver them to your bedside. This will increase medication adherence and make your transition home from your hospital stay easy. Give our new program a try!

As your neighborhood pharmacy, we understand the important role that pharmacists play in your ability to feel confident in your prescriptions and the other medical supplies and services you receive. In today’s rapidly advancing field of medicine, it is critical to have confidence in the pharmacy that is preparing and dispensing your medications. Our team at The Prescription Center understands your needs and concerns, and works to ensure that you and your family are confident in the care and service you receive at all of our stores.

At The Prescription Center, some of the services offered include:

  • Monthly refill reminders with pharmacists available to address your medication and/or medication management questions.
  • 7-day per week pharmacy hours.
  • Direct insurance billing as well as Medicare and Medicaid. We also assist you with the paperwork necessary to coordinate your benefits. Our on-line computerized system provides immediate information on which medications are covered and those that require out-of-pocket expense. Our staff is well-trained in the insurance reimbursement process.
  • Delivery services in the Concord area as well as surrounding communities. Whether you’re at work or home, we can accommodate your needs by delivering prescriptions and health care products right to your door. Or, we can ship anywhere in the USA.
  • Free educational materials.

Let us be your specialized pharmacy for all your medication and health care needs. Call us toll-free at 1 (800) 870-7063 or (603) 224-9591 or contact us on-line to send your information to us electronically.


"The Prescription Center has always been there to help me and my family with all of our health care needs. When I get busy, they are always willing to deliver my prescriptions right at my home or office."

--- Kathleen Hathaway, Concord Resident

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Medicines come in all flavors.

by Administrator
October 14, 2011

Some individuals, as well as pets, have difficulty taking medicine when they need to. That's why The Prescription Center offers custom compounding which makes it easier to take medications when you need to. Depending on whether you need it for an elderly parent, child or even a pet, The Prescription Center can formulate your medicine just for you.